jQuery Plugin: menu_roll


This plugin will allow you to add a "roll" effect to horizontal menu. I was inspired by the menu found on Chris Woods design portfolio. This does not do the exact same thing but I think the effect is there.

Update: Chris has updated the design of his site since this was developed.


option description default
rollOverColor The Color to be applied to the rollover link. #0099ff
speed The speed (in ms) at which the effect is done. 200
easing You may specify an easing option. See the jQuery Easing site for details and download. null


$('#menu1 li').menu_roll();

$('#menu2 li').menu_roll({
  rollOverColor : "orange",
  speed : 500,
  easing : 'easeOutBounce'

$('#menu3 li').menu_roll({
  rollOverColor : "red",
  speed : 250

$('#menu4 li').menu_roll({
  rollOverColor : "#99ff00",
  speed : 500,
  easing : 'easeOutCirc'