Don't Use system When Suppressing STDOUT

I recently needed to test the structure of a generated project and wanted to suppress STDOUT. Don't use system.

Jekyll Data Files

I moved to using data files for this site. Let me walk you through how and why I decided to do that.

Set Custom Layouts for Devise Controllers

Have you ever needed to set a custom layout for a Devise controller? It's actually easier than you might think.

MailView by 37Signals

Have you ever wanted to develop your emails like you do your views in a Rails app? 37signals has a gift for you.

Quickly Add an .rvmrc File to Your Project

If you are using RVM then you probably know about the .rvmrc file, but did you know that there's an easy way of creating it?

Fixing Your iPhone Home Button

Does your iPhone home button seem to have a mind of it's own? Not working like it should? Here's a quick tip on re-calibrating it.

The Path to Ruby Enlightenment: Ruby Koans

Want to learn Ruby in a whole new way? How about learning to test while you're at it? Ruby Koans is the answer you have been seeking.

Evaluating Different Ruby and Rails Versions with RVM

If you've ever had to test an application that you are building with different versions of Ruby or Rails then you know how frustrating it can be. RVM aims to erase that frustration by making it incredibly easy to install multiple versions on the same development machine. - A Great Resource for Design Patterns

I came across a site that offers high quality repeating patterns that are free to use in design projects. Since I can't stand keeping things to myself I had to share.