What if learning web design were approached like learning to play the piano?

In almost every other discipline, learning is done by repetition. You are taught a basic technique and then you practice, practice, practice until you're ready for the next lesson. What if we taught web design in the same way?

How I Test (For Now)

I had the opportunity to interview with Thoughtbot a few weeks ago, and the question of how I test came up. I hadn't really thought about it until then and it is something I've been thinking about lately.

Tangible Things

Leaving behind the tangible. My mission to being remembered.

August Update

I cannot even believe it's August already. Find out what I've been up to.

A Quick Update

Things have been a little crazy for me lately. I wanted to take a moment and give an update.

Creating a Tag with HTML and CSS

The other day I saw a site that had a tagging system for the posts. Each "tag" was styled to look like an actual tag. Wanting to see how they did it, I opened up the developer console and saw they were using images. What?! This is 2014! We don't need no stinkin' images!

Add a Favoriting System to a Rails Project

Have you ever wanted to add a favoriting system to your Rails project? I just recently had a need for this and decided I'd share how I did it.

Introducing the Author Gem

I've been working on a ruby gem that makes authoring ebooks super simple. If simplicity is what you like, then you are in for a treat!

Don't Use system When Suppressing STDOUT

I recently needed to test the structure of a generated project and wanted to suppress STDOUT. Don't use system.

I'm writing a book

I've decided to write a book about the amazing blog-aware, static site generator Jekyll.